{February 12, 2012}   Writing Conferences

I just came back from a day long event in Boston — The Mystery Writers of America held several courses at the Sheraton. If you’re interested in writing mysteries, I encourage you to attend events like this. MWA and Sisters in Crime have fantastic speakers come to speak on a variety of topics on writing. Their annual Crimebake conference in November is now a must-attend event for me. I also attend conferences held by the Romance Writers of America and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). Every time I attend a writers conference, I come back full of ideas and inspiration.

In a mystery I’ve been working on since Nanowrimo 2010, I’m stuck in the middle chapters. The beginning and ending are written; it’s the unfolding of events in the middle that’s giving me a hard time. So sometime this week, I decided the voice was wrong. I needed to change it from third person to first and started rewriting the 50,000 plus words I already have down. Yikes!

During one of the speakers presentations, she mentioned how you as a writer will come across obstacles like this and want to rewrite your book changing something major. I am so glad she made me stop and think about this. When I went back to my mystery this morning, I realized what an impact it would have on the book to change the POV. Yes, it would have the better identification through a first-person narrative, but it would lose much of the bigger picture. In essence, it would be a completely different story. So I’m stopping myself.

It’s very reassuring to know you’re not alone when you hit a roadblock in your novel. And I guess the main point is to keep moving forward. Good luck!


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